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tv   Today  NBC  September 26, 2012 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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it is wednesday, september 26, 2012. welcome back to cbs "this morning." a brand new cbs news poll shows a significantove in three critical swing states. >> iran's controversial leader speaks to the u.n. today. we ask him about his threats to israel and if he's supplying weapons to certificateia. >> some nfl players are threatening to sit out the next game over those replacement refs. we'll talk to they'd of the players union. >> we'll begin with today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> we cannot afford four more
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years of barack obama, we're not going to have four more years of barack obama. >> the battle for the white house zeros in on ohio. >> both president obama and mitt romney will be in the same state at the same time. >> no republican has won the white house without winning the buckeye state. >> o.h. >> o.h. works every time. >> iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad addresses the united nations today as he and his regime face ever increasing international pressure. >> israel believes you want to destroy them. you said you want to drive them from the face of the earth. >> football fans are fuming over that botched call by replacement refs. the upheld that call. >> yeah. some are calling it the worse call in the nfl history since d
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to play at the super bowl. >> worst touchdown ever. hail the size of tennis balls. >> the paddle boat race that teams are still talking about. >> how about a car without a driver. governor jerry brown instituted safety regulations for self-driving car. >> it came courtesy. >> is he frugal or cheap? >> cheap. >> wow. >> all that matters. >> seattle seahawks were robbed of a win. >> the packers got the win. >> i didn't watch the game. >> thank you very much. whoever wrote that. thank you. >> on cbs "this morning." >> alan, you're late. i don't want to hear it. i had a [ bleep ] last night. [ laughter ]
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welcome to cbs "this morning." the presidential candidates have a busy day ahead in ohio. one of three battleground states where president obama has a growing lead, according to a new quinnipiac university-cbs news-"new york timees" poll of likely voters. the poll shows mr. obama ahead by 9% in florida. in pennsylvania he has a 12-point lead and ohio, look at this, the president leads governor mitt romney by ten points. of course you heard it no republican has ever won the election while losing ohio. jan crawford is there covering the romney campaign. >> hello, ohio. >> buckeye state is a wonderful place. >> o.h. o.h. >> if we win ohio we win the election. >> reporter: ohio is known as the bellwether and that's why it's seen a lot of president obama and mitt romney with today's visit both have been here 14 times each in the campaign this year. for romney the tough battle is
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getting tougher. the new cbs news poll shows president obama widening his lead here jumping four points since last month. there are other troubling signs for romney, voters in ohio and two other swing states we surveyed now give the president the edge on the economy, the corner stone of romney's campaign and those voters also say they believe romney's policies will favor the rich. >> there's been a consistent line of afact from the president. >> i do not believe that another round of tax cuts for millionaires are going to bring good jobs back to ohio. >> reporter: it features promptly in mr. obama's television ads which has saturated the air waves. the president and his team are out spending the romney team on television though both campaigns have spent more here than in any other battleground state. the president and groups supporting him have spent $49.9 million in ohio while romney and outside groups have spent $42.5 million. the romney camp says it's not
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bothered by poll numbers say they have confidence by their own internal polling and believe they are making inroads in ohio and message of lower spending and debt. >> the status quo has not worked. we can't afford four more years of barack obama. we won't have four more years of barack obama. >> now if you had any doubt about the importance of ohio look at the campaign schedule today. the president and romney both will be in this state all day crossing the state. they even have rallies scheduled at the exact same time in different cities. it's all in order to try to win over voters in a state that could well decide this election. >> jan kraufrds thank you. frank luntz is a former republican follow fehr. >> i think ohio does decide this election. look they originally thought, romney's whole philosophy said this would be a referendum on barack obama. the obama campaign thought this would be a choice. board wrong. it's become a referendum on mitt
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romney and because it didn't enter the ads early enough. all the obama attacks of the last three or four weeks, they are showing results. you see it in your surveys. >> the question i want to ask you, looking at this widening gap is president obama winning or is governor romney losing? >> it's obviously has to be a combination of both, but it is very easy for someone's perceptions to be destroyed if they don't know anything about you. in the polling we've done in some of these swing states, still a third of americans don't know what bain capital does. when you have that little awareness, that little knowledge it makes the negative attacks effective. >> spent a lot of time last night talking to republicans and democrats myself to see what was going on. this 47%, that secret video from the fundraiser ad obama campaign is running it in ohio. now they've gone up in seven other swing states. there are republicans i talked
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to acknowledge that ad is working and that's why they went up. that's why we see these numbers stretching out. what does romney do now? he's speaking directly to the camera for 60 seconds. voting in ohio starts next week. >> the reason why that 47% is working is because it's new information. we don't want to hear the same thing over and over again so voters pay attention to it. >> look at this ad. for the first time romney is speak being directly to people in a 60 second ad. is that too late? >> yes. that should have been done three or four months ago. mitt romney solidified his control of the republican party back in late april. why is this ad only running now? when we look back at this campaign we'll realize you can't have the same impact in september that you could have in june, july and august. >> he had a huge advantage in super p.a.c. money. >> a small advantage. >> did they not use that advantage? >> you can use it up to a point and the fact is if you look at
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the numbers up to the republican convention mitt romney was only a couple points behind in ohio. florida 1%. nationwide it was 1%. this whole thing has developed over the last three weeks. you have to give the democrats credit. they are on this, particularly from the democratic convention. >> we just showed this graphic. this is important. barack obama is spending more on the air waves than mitt romney and even with those ads in those outside groups. if the republicans have more money why is obama able to out spend him on the air waves. >> maybe you should ask the romney campaign on that. every point you made explains why the race is opening up. these debates can and do make a difference. if there's a defining moment and it won't be an issue, if there's a defining moment in the debate it can still shift. but mitt romney has 90 seconds in the opening of that first debate to make a difference.
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if you call me after that first opening i'll tell you who will win the presidency. >> frank luntz, thank you. this morning presidential candidates are protesting the nfl's replacement referees. monday's night game is still a hot topic. jeff glor is here. >> reporter: the great refer yes replacement went from manageable in week one, messy in week two and out of control in week three. it doesn't guarantee it will end right away. >> the game's final play. >> reporter: if you thought you heard lot from football fans about monday's mess of a call, imagine being the coach at the losing end. >> i received more text messages than emails than i did after the super bowl. >> reporter: the impact of this decision. >> the call stands. touchdown. >> reporter: a disputed touchdown that became the most
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controversial moment. the league unleashed a statement saying the result of the game is final. >> the nfl comes out with a statement saying don't believe your lying eyes. it was the right call. they explained the procedure. the decision on the field stands. and move on. >> reporter: plenty beg to differ. yesterday president obama was tweeting saying nfl fans on both sides of the aisle hope the refs' lockout is settled tune. his opponent agrees. in las vegas odds makers said $300 million or more changed hands just because of monday night's poll. one online gambling website refunded all packers bets. the question for sports bookers now, what happens next? >> we're trying to accumulate
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data and discern some kind of pattern that will give us an edge. right now everyone is handicapping these replacement referees. >> reporter: wondering when the season might return to normal. >> it won't get fixed tomorrow. i think it will get fixed this season but it will get fixed on the nfl's terms. >> the two sides are talking, those with some owners deeply dug in. no one we've spoken to is confident this will end immediately. >> with us now is demaurice smith, executive director of the nfl players association. mr. smith, good morning. tell me what is most concerning for the players? >> well, beyond a call, beyond a game, beyond whether someone wins or loses on the field, so the players of the national football league this primarily is a health and safety issue. we're a group of players that have a short career, about 3.5 years on average and an industry
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where our injury rate is 100% on the workplace. so the way we look at this issue is a little bit beyond even a bad call on a monday night, the referees on the field are the first responders for health and safety for a group of players where we know that virtually every player in the national football league will be injured at work. >> do you think the owners share your concerns and the players' concerns? >> well i dealt with the owners for a long time as we worked through a new cba. when we look back on the cba we have now we have an agreement that for the first time guarantee contracts in year three. we have a shorter and safer work week for our players. players have more time off. all of those things are things in the new collective bargaining agreement. so i do know there are owners who believe it's important for our players to work safer. where we are right now, it is inconsistent with that. when you take a group of officials who have a collective
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experience of 1500 years off the field and you replace them with a group of replacements who don't have that experience, our players know that the workplace today is less safe than it was with the real officials. >> have you talked to roger goodell or any of the nfl owners since monday's game? >> not since monday' game. when we first met with the league and with roger we met with them before the season, during the pre-season for only one reason. one, we knew that during the pre-season our guys are not at 100% full speed. my concern was that the use of the replacements refs and the gaffes they were making then would only get worse as the season went on. since that time -- >> have players sat out at all? >> absolutely not. i'm not sure it's ever a good idea to punish our fans because we're mad at the owners. what we're going to do is to make sure that the nfl honors its obligation to keep the workplace safe.
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we'll take every legal action we can. >> so what's going to happen in order to bring this thing to a conclusion? >> well, i think the right thing happens it will take a grouch owners and a group of owner leadership to wrap their heads around for what's best for the players of the national football league and the integrity of the national football league. >> good to see you. thank you so much. president obama told the united nations tuesday that the u.s. will do whatever it can to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad is giving his last speech to the u.n. general assembly today. his presidential term ends next year. we asked him about today's speech and some of the inflammatory language he's used. >> reel believes you want to destroy them, that if you have nuclear weapons they believe that you might either use them or they will fall into the hands
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of someone else. that's the fear they have because of the rhetoric and the tone of your comment about them. >> translator: anyone decide about other's fates based on their own opinion. there have been, perhaps, even stronger language traded between the united states and iran. the americans have repeatedly said that the iranian government must change. and the iranians -- >> behavior. changes behavior. >> translator: sure, but after all what does that mean? can one country based on just their own sole opinion decide an establish a red line for another country and then threaten attacks? when have we threatened to attack the zionists. we have never threatened them. >> you have said you wanted to remove them from the fate of the earth. >> translator: yes.
7:16 am
we say occupation, occupation should to be done away with. war like behavior should to be done away with. terrorism should to be done away with. the killing of women and children should to be done away with. bombardment of houses on top of people's heads in their own country has been done away with. has the zionist regime done any of this? no. we say to do away with these things and we've also suggested the solution. we have said that the solution is that the palestinian people should decide in a free election for their own country own land. >> last time i had a conversation with you here, a year ago, after the conversation in which you talked in a reasonable way in part about things and expressed your concerns about america and about israel you then went to the united nations and made a highly inflammatory speech. will you do that again?
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>> translator: who was it? who did i inflame? is it not a forum for everyone to speak freely, to speak sincerely every year the united states of america's president comes there and speak ill of iran. i sit there and we listen. are we outraged, are we inflamed? i think the united states must increase her level of patience and others must be granted the due freedoms. many times i sat here in the united nations and i listen. they are not even willing to sit there under the same roof and listen. >> be interesting to see what he says today and see what prime minister of israel will say as well. the "new york times" says china has launched its first aircraft carrier. china wants to show its military
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might in the western pacific but the ship will not have planes take landing on board. it will be used for training and testing. the "wall street journal" reports the housing market is getting much better. so far this year home prices have gone up 6%. that's the most since 2005. one reason may be record low interest rates on home mortgages. >> "the washington post" reports lincoln memorial reflecting pool is full of algae after rebuilding project that cost $34 million. the pool was closed for two years and just reopened last month. park officials say they have to raise the ozone content of the water to get rid of the algae. >> and in britain the guardian says the bbc reporter has apologized to queen elizabeth for revealing a private conversation. frank gardner reported tuesday that the queen told him she was aghast that radical muslim cleric couldn't be arrested but be deported to the u.s. to face terror related charges. the queen is not supposed to
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talk about political matters. this national weather report sponsored by ore-ida where our golden krinkles have always just had 120 calories a serving.
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>> airplane runways knee an average of nearly three collisions every day. >> we have an obligation to get those numbers near to zero. >> this morning we'll show you what airports are doing to improve runway safety and protect you on the ground. a deadly avalanche strikes in the dark on one of the world's tallest mountains. >> i'm probably one of the luckiest people in the world. >> we'll hear from a man who was swept 1,000 feet down the mountain and survived on cbs "this morning". begin.
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iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad has arrived in new york for the u.n. general assembly with 100 people in his entourage. which explains his new challenge as president trying to get a reservation at olive garden. what's the big deal? yes. we're family. what do you say? i'm mahmoud ahmadinejad. yes, i'm mahmoud ahmadinejad. i'm mahmoud ahmadinejad.
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that's the name. [ laughter ] >> he's so good. >> always good. >> up next can barnes
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in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home.
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whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger. on saturday ann romney's
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plane had to make an emergency landing after an electrical fire broke out on board. >> when you have a fire in an aircraft there's no place to go exactly. you can't find any oxygen from outside the aircraft to get in the aircraft because the windows don't open. i don't know why that doesn't do that. >> mitt romney identified a new front fer as kennedy challenged us to path man on the moon -- >> not because they are easy but because they are hard. >> yes and mitt romney is now challenging us to add power windows to the delta shuttle. not because it is easy, but because it is impossible.
7:31 am
[ laughter ] welcome back to cbs "this morning." yesterday we first showed you a disturbing safety report from the faa, it says every day on average there are three near collisions on airport runways in the united states. >> that's right. 35 major u.s. airports have installed new ground radar to try and stop those mistakes. we go to love field in dallas. gorge. >> reporter: good morning. in terms of aircraft movement, dallas-ft. worth has two of the biggest airports in the world. these major hubs can handle thousands of flights a day and with high volume there's little room for error. the control tower reportings are riveting. >> sky west, 51, hold. >> reporter: in 2007, two planes at san francisco international airport nearly missed while one was taking off the other taxiing.
7:32 am
last december at chicago's midway airport pilots about to cross a runway nearly avoided another jet barreling into them. >> okay. if you just copied. you cleared. >> reporter: these are extreme examples of what the faa calls runway incursion. >> the definition of the incursion is having your airplane or someone's vehicles or some other aircraft in the wrong position at the wrong time. >> reporter: a runway incursion was responsible for the largest disaster in commercial aviation history. >> good evening, still is not known exactly how many persons died in that airplane collision yesterday. >> reporter: in 1977 a klm 747 collided with a pan am 747 during takeoff in the canary islands, killing 583 people. cbs aviation and safety expert captain sullenberger says
7:33 am
incursion the last frontier. >> we pick the lowest fruit. we improved our traffic controller procedures greatly. >> reporter: 1,000 runway incursions happened last year in the u.s., seven considered very close to catastrophic. the faa told cbs news that is actually an improvement. in 2000 that number was 67. >> we have the obligation to get those numbers as close to zero as important, to have one could be potentially catastrophic. >> reporter: in a statement the faa told us runway status lights literallying traffic lights for runways will be installed at 23 u.s. airports by 2016. the question of course remains what could happen between now and then. back to you. so the captain says we got the low-hanging fruit. what is the higher hanging fruit we need to get to the prevent this in. >> i don't know. clearly it's more dangerous on the ground than in the air.
7:34 am
>> one of the things that scare me. >> when you through. >> this morning an american tells a frightening story of surviving an avalanche. mark philips in is london. >> reporter: good morning. they called them altitude junkies, they don't just climb them they climb them and ski them. glen plake one of the few survivors summed it up. glen plake back in kathmandu. many others. >> i'm one of the luckiest people in the world. >> reporter: the target was the eighth highest mountain in the world, manaslu in nepal, almost 27,000 feet high. climbers have been scaling it for more than 50 years but this time the idea was to get up and ski down without oxygen. glen plake the flamboyant devil
7:35 am
may care californian and his two french colleaguesing talked about their plan before they left. >> skiing the eighth highest mountain in the world. >> good idea. >> tell me more. >> we're playing on the mountain. it's a game. >> reporter: a deadly game. remy less clues is missing and presumed dead. about two dozen climbers were sleeping at a staging camp when the avalanche hit. all of the tents and people in them were swept away. glen plake found himself battered and bruised but still in his tent and his sleeping bag about 1,000 feet down the mountain. he says he immediately began looking for the others. they had all been wearing radio transmitters in case of avalanche. he found no one. >> you're doing everyone you want to do because you know your friends' lives depends on your next actions and unfortunately
7:36 am
everything that i did proved to produce nothing. so then at that point i had to start thinking about my own life and start preparing. i was still at 6600 meters, so i was standing with no shoes on. >> reporter: the search operation has resumed again after being suspended for bad weather but there's not much hope of finding more survivors. it seems the political dimension to this tragedy as well. so many climbers on the nepal side of the mountain this year because china hasn't issued climbing permits because of tensions with tibet. glen plake says he wouldn't want this accident to discourage people from skiing. life is full of risks he says and in some places clearly more than others. >> extraordinary story because of where his tent was. >> exactly. i never heard that phrase altitude junky. tomorrow morning we'll talk with senator john mccain right here in studio 57. we'll join us to talk about
7:37 am
world affairs and politics. >> foreign policy is an issue in this campaign. next we'll have barnes and noble and ask the ceo if his nook can compete against the kindle. you're watching cbs "this morning". ♪
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the tablet wars are heating up again this morning. barnes and noble is unveiling a new hd nook and video service allowing customers to watch tv shows. >> amazon announced a new service. william lynch is with us this morning. welcome. >> thanks for having me. it's the nook. >> you have had a lot of attention before we talk about
7:42 am
the new stuff. what has been the single factor you think that's made the nook successful? >> i think it's our attention to our customers and the reading experience. it delivers the best reading experience and when i say reading i'm not just talking about books, i'm talking about magazines, newspapers, children's books of any of the tablets. we really focused on that from the christmas font to kids books. that's where our heritage has been. it delivers the best reading experience of any of the tablets. >> so, identify used a kindle. why should i use a nook. >> the new new york city are a superior products for reading. they are lighter so that if you travel a lot they're easier to hold. they are thinner. they have a high resolution screen. the crispness of the font, graphics, catalog, magazines and family profiles so if you have a family and you don't want them necessarily reading your "50
7:43 am
shades of grey" which was a hot book for us or in the romance section you can easily transform the device into the kids device, the children's device with our new profiles feature and that keeps kids away from their parents content. >> when you look at it, ebooks are less expensive. what's going to happen books? >> well certainly they are less expensive than hard covers. they are not necessarily, in fact most often they are not less expensive than paper backs. >> paper backs don't come out instantly. >> simultaneous release for front list typically ebooks are cheaper. our hard cover business is up in the stores. and we're happy -- >> why is that? >> well, one it's just we've had a great front list season. identify mention ad few books that have done well. publishers have a lot of compelling books. our stores is the last place to browse a wide selection of
7:44 am
books. we take that seriously. it's community service but also a good business for us. so if you look at national book store chains with a wide selection barnes and noble is the only one left. >> are you concerned, those that these ebooks will replace hard cover books and could mean the end of brick-and-mortar stores like barnes and noble? >> i would say that if you look at the majority of books bought in this country it's still large majority is print. we think that will continue for a period of time. certainly the companies investing in innovation like the nook at a high rate because the growth will come from digital. we'll have our 700 odd some stores in communities for a long time. >> do you believe in 30 years people will still be reading hard cover books? >> i now have three kids. i quit predicting next week. 30 years is a long time. it certainly, with books we won't see what we saw with the music industry, people love holding books. they appreciate the object. we've seen actually digital
7:45 am
books in terms of their growth rate slow vis-a-vis print. >> we've seen publishers fail. did you consider for a moment buying borders in >> we looked at it and we did, we studied it and felt like our stores, 76% of the border stores were within two miles of our stores. so we felt like we had the stores in those communities and a big reason why we decided to pass. >> when you look at your revenue stream how is it changing, though, because of devices and because of an internet world? >> well one thing we've done in the stores is we've diversified the merchandising mix. last year we invested 1,000 square foot toys and games. we have this educational toys and games store. it's developmental for motor skills. >> do hard cover books provide less revenue for you today than they did ten years ago? >> yes, that's true. >> who are the biggest buyers of books. >> women buy 57% of books in
7:46 am
this country. we also see our juvenile business is up double digits as readers ourselves is encouraging. more young people reading in this country is great. teens and juveniles are up double digits. >> any trends in terms of what people are buying? >> we saw a big trend towards fantasy with teens. the twilight books. "hunger games." dirty little secret, not these girls primarily their moms reading hunger game. >> where do you put "50 shades of grey." >> up top. tinting thing about that book, charlie is it started as a digital independent book and then random house picked it up and the first book really we saw start digital as an independent, a big publisher picked it up. >> did you read it in >> i did. >> did you? >> no. >> my wife read it.
7:47 am
we try to read all our best sellers. >> great job. fabulous. what a great company too. well some high school kids in kansas have a musical message they say we are hungry. we'll look at the controversy over smaller school lunches endorsed by the first lady on cbs "this morning".
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it's the car of the future drives itself and supposed to be safer on the roads. >> california is paving the way for the self-driving car. weird. we'll show you how it works
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ahead on cbs "this morning." >> ready for that? >> i like to drive. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
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♪ welcome to cbs "this morning." presidential candidates target ohio where the latest cbs news poll shows a major shift in that crucial state. it is the car of the future, but it doesn't have a driver. we'll show you the big push in california, but first here's a look athat's happening in the world and what we've been covering on cbs "this morning". >> o.h.! o.h.! works every time. >> the presidential candidates have a busy day ahead in ohio. one of three battleground states
8:01 am
where president obama has a growing lead. >> the president and romney both will be in this state all day crossing the state. they even have rallies scheduled at the exact same time. >> ohio does decide this election. >> i think it will be fix this season. >> monday night's game is still a hot topic. >> great recovery yes replacement experiment of 2012, morphing out of control. >> the workplace today is less safe than it was with the real officials. >> last time i had a conversation with you you went to the united nations and made a highly inflammatory speech. will do you that again? >> an american is telling a frightening story of surviving an avalanche in the himalayas. >> the president of iran mahmoud ahmadinejad, you know about this guy? he hates jewish people. he hates gay people.
8:02 am
he's come to the right place. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. new poll from quinnipiac university cbs news and the "new york times" shows president obama pulling ahead of governor mitt romney in three important battleground states. >> one of them is ohio, jan crawford is covering the romney campaign in westerville, just outside of columbus. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. both candidates are focused on ohio this week. they are traveling across the state for rallies today. it is getting tough here for mitt romney. our latest poll now shows the president is up by ten points. the poll shows the president also has a significant lead with women voters in all three of those swing states that we surveyed but here in ohio the president is up by 25 points with women voters. now today romney will be focused on the economy. an issue that's been the corner stone of his campaign. there's trouble in our poll for romney there too. for the first time the president
8:03 am
has and the the lead in all three states. romney is shifting his strategy. got a new ad out where he's making the case directly to voters on how he can help them and improve their lives. romney campaign says it is not worried, their internal polling has these numbers much closer together. they say this is still a very tight race. they also point to enthusiasm. that's reflected in our poll. the republican voters remain more enthusiastic about voting than the democrats. charlie, norah and gayle. >> last night on the "tonight show," ann romney responded to criticisms of her husband's remarks about the 47% of voters who do not pay federal income tax. the candidate's wife says he does care about all americans. >> you try so hard to get your message out and try so hard to let people know that this is a guy i know that cares. this is a guy that cares for the 100%. you don't like those things to get misinterpreted as to why
8:04 am
we're running and how strongly i believe and how important it is what mitt can bring to this country. so we care about the 100%. >> from the woman who wants to be the first lady to the woman who already has the job. michelle obama has supported a plan that would reduce calories in school lunches. now some kids are criticizing that government program on new school lunch regulations and as cheryl akinson reports a new protest video is burning up the internet. >> getting junk food. >> reporter: they have the hit song "we're young" but wrote their own lyrics to voice their complaints. the youtube video was produced by teachers and students in kansas. it shows volleyball players collapsing and stuffing their lockers with junk food.
8:05 am
this is the congressman who is concerned about new school lunch guidelines that limit calories in school meals from kindergarten to fifth grade it's 650 calories. sixth to eighth grade 700 calories. >> decision about the lunch room should be made with the parents not a bureaucrat. >> reporter: these are the first overhaul of school meals pushed by first lady michelle obama. >> we're going to improve the quality of the food we offer in schools. >> reporter: schools have to serve more fruits and vegetables, less processed food and less fat. >> i don't think this can be a one size fit all. lise gloede says there's a lot of good things about the guidelines but calorie caps may leave students on empty. >> they may be going to their after school sports activities hungry. that's a big problem. >> reporter: protests aren't just coming from kansas.
8:06 am
in wisconsin studio audience boycotted their school lunches. the government argues there's no limit on second helpings of healthy fruits and vegetables and hungry students can buy oatmeal or a la carte items. but the kansas students say they are fed up with the smaller servings. for cbs "this morning," cheryl akinson, washington. >> at the united nations, president obama called the president of syria a dictator who massacres his own people. and the u.n. secretary-general asked world leaders to work together to end sir years war. russia has been blocking u.n. action on syria. last night i asked sergei have roabout his country's support of the ruling regime. do you ever consider the fact that in this case you are very much on the wrong side of history? >> well, you can only judge when
8:07 am
history evolves. and we're now watching history in the making. when my good friend colin powell -- >> colin powell. >> yes. was shaking this vile, this white powder in the security council, the americans said unless we authorize force against iraq we're on the wrong side of history. it turned out to be that there was no anthrax in that vile. >> okay. interesting man. >> yeah. charlie, you always have interesting people at the table. i'm always very curious to see who is going. an update on the search for robert levinson. he vanished in iran more than five years ago. when we interviewed iran's president this week he seemed to admit they are holding levinson and that there were ongoing negotiations for a swap. on tuesday levinson's wife
8:08 am
spoke. >> were you surprised when you heard his comments? i mean in the past he's been asked and said much less. >> i was quite surprised. but i was also happy to hear it because that means we can hopefully resolve bob's case. >> so you consider these comments a step forward? >> yes, i do. i do. i hope that the iranian government and president mahmoud ahmadinejad will continue to work towards returning bob to his family. >> that's a really interesting story, charlie and gayle when we talked to them about that, indications that he's there, this acknowledgement there's some discussion of a swap and we'll see if there's some movement on this case. the family is missing their father and grandfather for more than five years. >> one aspect of that story that we didn't report which some iranians say he's in pakistan. i don't know whether that is in fact true or not or whether they were saying that or knew or were inform on the situation.
8:09 am
>> sure did seem encouraging news for family. when i was watching i was thinking how they must feel. >> to go that far to say yes i know all about him and people have been talking about him. >> exactly. >> there's an interesting story in the "wall street journal" today that says cell phones are eating the family budget. according to the paper, government data shows consumers spent more on phone bill over the past four years while they cutback on their spending. anybody who has a teenager that's texting knows the. wireless companies are trying to get us to spend even more money by offering faster speeds on more expensive networks. >> new report says medicare's bill for knee replacement is soaring and only get worse. total knee replacement surgeries for medicare patients increased more than 161% during the past two decades and a knee replacement costs about $15,000. that adds up to $5 billion a year in medicare bills. the study says it's sure to grow in the years ahead because 77
8:10 am
million baby boomers will be going on medicare. hello, my name is gayle. my knee hurts right now. this morning, just 9-9-9, detailed images of albert einstein's brain. his brain was removed when he died in 1955. scientists can figure out why einstein was so brilliant. does that mean, charlie, norah o'donnell, you're trying to cut down on my app?
8:11 am
one out of nine adult vacationers in the u.s. go solo. traveling alone you pay more. peter greenberg has more on how you can save money and save fees when cbs "this morning" returns with peter. hello, piper. nice u. i see you're crunching numbers with a cup of joe... when you could be relaxing with a delicious gevalia. or as i like to say, a cup of johan. joe's a cubicle. johan is a corner office with a young, eager assistant... who looks like me. put johan on your spreadsheets. he'll watch your bottom line. [ johan ] gevalia. meet me in the coffee aisle.
8:12 am
he'll watch your bottom line. i've been a superintendent for 30 some years at many different park service units across the united states. the only time i've ever had a break is when i was on maternity leave. i have retired from doing this one thing that i loved. now, i'm going to be able to have the time to explore something different. it's like another chapter.
8:13 am
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8:15 am
spending by single people puts $2 trillion a year into the u.s. economy. people who travel by themselves can face discrimination in prices and in service too. >> we have cbs travel editor peter greenberg. he has five things that solo travellers need to know. safety has to be the number one. >> number one, print a separate itinerary and give to it a friend. then enroll in a step program. it's from the state department. so the embassy can contact you. get yourself a comprehensive
8:16 am
travel insurance plan because you're not going to be covered outside of the continental united states unless you do it. it's a medical evacuation and repatriation plan offered by some companies. then rent a cell phone in the location where you're at because it's a local number. easier. less expensive. last but not least people never think about this, don't keep all your cash in one place. put it in a separate bag not just on your body. keep a photo copy of your passport some place else other than on you. >> is there a age group that's mormon who is traveling alone, older people, younger people. >> it used to be much old per. age group has come down. you'll see that more on cruise lines and than the the dreaded single supplement. people get discriminated against there because on a cruise ship they will sell you a cabinet if you're a solo traveller at double the cost because they make money on board revenue, the rock climbing wall, the sparks
8:17 am
the casino. one company, norwegian cruise lines had a brand new ship and designed 128 cabins just for solo travellers at a price that wasn't double, they sold out like that. >> we should pick up people on the boat. >> the gayle cruise. >> but how do you meet people when you travel alone. i've been reluctant to travel alone. >> a number of tour companies, they will do a solo traveller deal where -- not on every cruise or every itinerary where they waive the fee. the other way to meet people, what are your passions? that brings people together. and a conversation is started. >> not a good vacation unless you get good food. >> this is where solo travellers get discriminated against because restaurants tend to
8:18 am
marginalize you. they put you back, what i call the terrible twos. two top table where you are squeezed in with somebody else and by yourself. look at restaurants with communal dining. then if you'll be by yourself, do what i do, always in a restaurant, owners hate when i say this, make a reservation for three. >> when you're by yourself? >> they can't put you at a terrible two and the other two don't show up. >> they don't like that because you're taking money from the restaurant when you come in saying it's three people. >> gayle, do you like sitting at a table for two when you're on the subway? >> no. >> are there some locations more single friendly than other places. >> this is true and personal for me. i love ireland. i love new zealand. and last but not least thailand. i would never join a club that
8:19 am
would have me as a member, the old groucho marks li jo marx li. terrible twos, remember. >> i won't forget it. new way to travel check out the self-driving car. how does that work? we'll take you for a spin on cbs "this morning". i love my extrabucks rewards, and right now, they're doubling! so, when i shop -- i earn twice as much with double extrabucks rewards. that's two times the rewards! yeah, that's what double is. i know. i was agreeing with you. it's two times. act fast and sign up at for double quarterly extrabucks rewards. don't miss getting double quarterly extrabucks rewards.
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8:22 am
♪ dwight yoakam is a rare country star. he made his name in hollywood. designee mixes country, rock, pop and soul in his new album and we'll talk with him about his new album and the big award
8:23 am
he just got in nashville on cbs "this morning." and how about
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
syria inflames iran on the verge of a nuclear weapon and an incredible opportunity for our president to address the world community but for high level president on president action. >> the white house has no plans to have any private meetings with a world leader. >> that's protocol. this is not the time for one on one meetings.
8:31 am
>> our research shows it's been 20 years since the president has been to that meeting and not met one on one with a foreign leader. >> well i guess if world leaders would like to meet with him personally, they can donate $5 to his campaign and take their chances like the rest of us. >> jon stewart has a unique way of putting things in perspective. welcome back to cbs "this morning." we reported earlier that the u.n. secretary-general is asking world leaders to help stop the fighting in syria. he also called on support erosion of both sides to stop sending weapons to the country. >> in an interview with iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad we asked how far iran is going to support syria's ruling regime. let me ask you this. many people believe and there's some evidence they say that you're supplying arms to the government in syria that allowed hem to continue killing their own people. >> translator: i think that the
8:32 am
government of syria done have any problems procuring arms and they don't need us for that. >> but are you doing so? >> translator: they have closer associates that can supply them with every kind of weapon. >> your supplying them with weapons? >> translator: no. >> under no circumstances are weapons going from iran to syria for the government to kill their own people? >> translator: we have very vast and long standing relationship with syria. however, in the direction of the policy that i mentioned to you, that's how we act. anyone that gets killed there is our friend nuclear weapon say you're not interfering but iran is interfering by all accounts. you say you want a dialogue but yet you continue to send arms and money, manpower to al assad's forces while killing his own people. your complicit in that? >> translator: i have answered the question.
8:33 am
after all, anyone can accuse anyone. on the international scene, especially in syria, we can accuse you, you can accuse us. >> i'm not accusing anyone. the commander-in-chief of the islamic revolutionary guard corps has admitted that the force is training 60,000 soldiers for bashir al assad's government. is that not true? >> translator: this has been officially denied. 50,000, i don't think 50,000 people, 50,000 forces would even fit in syria. >> so you are not assisting -- you are not assisting at all? you have no involvement at all? >> translator: certainly. both parties are friends. they are both people of syria.
8:34 am
we love both parties. >> do you believe that the relationship between the united states and iran is better now than it was at the beginning of the obama administration in 2008? >> translator: i have said i don't want to talk about something that would affect -- that would affect the u.s. elections, but i can state my own desires. i think -- i think that the current situation between iran and the u.s. is to both parties disadvantage. there's much room for improvement. why should the u.s. government be in conflict with us? i haven't really been able to under it so far. this is a serious question. >> very serious question. >> translator: politicians should sit down and answer this question. why should he disagree with one another. >> fair enough. oil ask them but what about your
8:35 am
side? what can you do? what are you prepared to do? what changes have you made in terms of your attitude about the united states, your willingness to meet them halfway? >> translator: you personally -- you personally know that i have taken some big steps and i'm most is going to repeat them. but ihink that many good things can to be done. one of them is this nuclear issue. iran's nuclear issue has gotten tire some. we should put this to rest. it would help a lot. now there's lack of security in the region and it's against everyone's interest in afghanistan, pakistan. we should cooperate to alleviate this lack of security. this is all doable. right now in the persian gulf there's more than 100 war ships
8:36 am
in a small gulf. why are they there? well can -- >> in part because you threatened the strait of hormus. >> translator: if somebody thinks they can defeat iran with a war it's obvious they know nothing about politics. you can't defeat iran with war. there needs a cooperation. >> interesting, first time you met this man. >> yes. >> all of this sort of ridicule that he engendered because of inflammatory things, pat of him seems and this is the difference, part of him seems interested, looking for dialogue, you know. he acknowledged some mistakes to us on both sides. the other thing is this is his last trip to the u.n. iran will have a new president
8:37 am
next year. >> dialogue requires two sides. he may be interested in rhetoric what some people think too given these inflammatory statements he makes at the podium and his reluctance to work with the international agency. >> he seemed to enjoy the give and take, the back and forth between the both of you. did you feel you were treated any differently, norah? >> he answered my questions and looked at me. there are cultural differences, none of the iranians would shake my hand because i was a woman. i was not allowed to cross my legs in front of them. >> nobody does that. i didn't do that either. >> exactly. he didn't refer to me by name. he call me the lady. >> he called you what? charlie? >> turning to something else that's going on here in new york, the clinton global initiative that's finished three days of meetings. every year leaders address pressing problems across the world.
8:38 am
on tuesday they heard from the two men who could be president for the next four years. >> partisan politics took a back seat tuesday as governor mitt romney laid out his vision for u.s. foreign aid. >> a temporary aid package can give the economy a boost. but an assistance program that helps unleash free enterprise can create enduring prosperity. >> hours later president barack obama spoke out against human trafficking denouncing it as a form of slavery. >> it was barbaric and evil and has no place in a civilized world. >> the closing session also featured the new leader of egypt, mohamed morsi who said the middle east was at a critical junk tur. >> why we must acknowledge the importance of free democracy we must recognize that such freedom comes with responsibilities. >> as in years past participants
8:39 am
made concrete commitments to tackle issues both local and global like creating a severe weather system for haiti, donating a million hearing aids for children in developing countries and bringing solar energy to rural thailand. >> what's the goal? >> to lead a purposeful, meaningful life. that's one of the things that unifies those of us here. >> chelsea is very much involved with her family now. she's on the clinton foundation. she's involved with gi. she's going to oxford and teaching at nyu. >> not doing very much. >> almost in a sense from one who is trying to find exactly but given the sense she's beginning to settle in as part of the family. >> do you think she's leaning towards politic? >> i don't know. >> going to be interesting to see. >> i have a bit of that. because she had experience in 2008 which was not a happy experience. >> she did mention how much her grandparents, her parents want
8:40 am
something, those right? >> first thing she said is they want a grandchild. they want a grandchild. >> all right. >> dwight yoakam is here this morning. he just put out a country album. he'll
8:41 am
8:42 am
♪ ♪ take hold of my hand doing everything right. >> grammy winner dwight yoakam has sold 25 million albums and had 22 top 25 hits becoming famous as a honky tonk singer with an edge. ♪ it all started in 1986 with a break out hit guitars, cadillac. ♪ >> the song showcased yoakam's
8:43 am
unique style of hongy tonk or hillbilly music and placed the 30-year-old singer from kentucky at the forefront of country music. in 1993 he won a grammy for best male country performer for "ain't that lonely yet." >> not good at all. i earned those miles. >> all that before launching a successful movie career with roles ranging from sling blade to wedding crash towers the thriller -- >> get this over with. >> "panic room." now he's out with his 26th album. three pairs. critics say it moves seamless lie between country, rock and pop. on monday the academy of country music honored him with a cliffie stone pioneer award. and he's here at the table. hello, dwight yoakam. congratulations on your new
8:44 am
award. >> thank you. this is what they are saying about your latest convenient turkeys it's brilliant but something of an outlier on this rambunctious album that took you seven years. how come? >> john lennon's quote, life is what goes on while you're making other plans. i began to write music for that album four, five years ago, probably. i started -- i continuously collecting, you know, sort of like static and bringing all the -- everything you hear and then with the iphone now, every audio recorder in there is great. i captured a bunch of this record. >> what's thatlike? you have a spontaneous moment? >> usually with me i'm in the kitchen or watching something on tv.
8:45 am
gayle and i were talking about the title track coming out of watching the documentary last year on harrison. george was talking about that they didn't, in fact -- it was on for two thigts. i was in the kitchen these two different nights watching different sections of the thing and george was saying at this one point that they were accused to have been writing drug induced lyrics. although he had a problem later with some substance abuse he said we didn't really ever do any except one night john and i were out in clubs and got slipped lsd. we didn't freak out. but we didn't know where we were for a day and a half. remember these polaroids. they cut to john and john was wearing simultaneously three pairs of sunglasses. like big wraparound movie star kind of thing. i looked up what.
8:46 am
i got melancholy about him dying. tongue in cheek to the beatles and john. >> you have a mischievious side. >> no. >> you're country music and when you think country music i don't think beck. you collaborate with beck and kid rock. >> great music. i think people think great music when they think of beck. i was familiar with beckon lion the first part of his work. i was aware of his break out "loser" in the early '90s, which is an independent and then the next album. within the early 2000s, 2002 or
8:47 am
2013 he had an album called "sea changer." there was grade melodic structure there. i had an inclinton acceleration to put a call in to find beck and see if he was interested. >> the two of you did it together? >> he co-produced two of the tracks. >> guitars and cadillacs. everybody knows that song. you promise ad twirl. >> a twirl. gayle i'll give you a twirl. >> i'll leave the two of you alone. dwight yoakam thanks. car of the future. congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> the car of the future has no driver. how does that work? google says no problem, all you need is space and technology. that story is coming up next on cbs "this morning".
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
♪ people in california today, governor jerry brown signed a bill allowing driverless cars in california. yeah. after hearing this amanda bynes said i thought i had a driverless car. >> california has bean pioneer in car culture. this morning that state is first in the nation to accept a new kind of car that doesn't need a driver. >> reporter: california governor jerry brown ditched his state car yesterday and hitched a ride to his latest bill signing in a vehicle that once only existed in people's imagination. >> today we're looking at science fiction becoming tomorrow tease reality, the self-driving car.
8:51 am
>> reporter: it's called an autonomous vehicle. google has been testing a dozen prius models equipped with sensors allowing them to drive themselves. >> think the self-driving car can improve the quality of life for everyone here in california, in the country and in the world. >> reporter: on tuesday the governor signed a bill directing the steal's dmv to come up with regulations for licensing and operating driverless autos by 2015. he discovered there's many questions yet to be answered. >> so if a self-driving car runs a red light and gets nabbed by the camera, who gets the ticket? >> whoever owns the car, i think. we'll work that out. that's the easiest problem to work out. >> self-trying cars don't run red lights. >> rules regulating self-driving
8:52 am
cars are on the way, cars themselves are still being developed. for cbs "this morning," ben tracey, los angeles. so you ready for driverless car? >> no. didn't they tell you when you learn to drive do the 10 and 2. don't take your hands off the wheel. i don't know if this is a good thing. >> speaking of good things, i went to a little store next door to me the other day, called an apple store. you've been talking about iphone 5. you got your little blackberry there. >> my heart is beating. >> we've been waiting for you to get one. look what we found for you. >> are you serious, charlie? >> oh, my gosh. >> there you are. >> oh, my gosh, thank you so much. >> we have a tutorial for you. >> thank you very much. i went in line with ron and turned around and went back home and said that's a sign i
8:53 am
shouldn't get it. >> norah will help you with instructions. head has one already. >> that does it for us. up next your
8:54 am
8:55 am
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8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
worst call ever? >> the most bizarre finish. >> feels unfair. looks unfair. it is unfair. >> did some of the replacement refs work for lingerie football and the president and michelle's controversial sit down on the view. >> the front page headline we ?can't show you. >> and homeowner nightmare. imagine coming home from vacation and finding complete strangers living in your house. >> this is not your house, you know that? >> yes. >> the fight to take back their home.
9:01 am
>> we felt helpless, angry. >> sarah palin's arch enemy, levi johnston is a daddy again. levi's girlfriend gives birth. your first look at the baby girl as bristol returns to "dancing with the stars." >> and carol burnett is back. >> now "inside edition" in high definition with deborah norville. deborah: hello, everybody, and thank you for joining us. tragic. a fiasco. those are just some of the words being used to describe the officiating at the nfl game between the seahawks and the packers. those are the words we can use on tv because the rest we can't repeat. lisa guerrero has more on what is being called the worst call ever. >> who has it? who did they give it to? >> referee rage is sweeping the
9:02 am
nation after this hail mary pass ended in a jaw dropping call. >> outrage over another call by nfl refs. >> the whole country is buzzing about that blown call. >> abuse is pouring down on the replacement refs. >> it feels unfair, looks unfair, it is unfair. >> even republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan weighed in on the campaign trail. >> give me a break. >> here is the play everyone is talking about. trailing the green bay packers by 5, the seattle seahawks quarterback hurls the pass into the end zone. >> who comes up with it? seriously, who comes up with it because the referees can't agree. >> it looks like an interception. green bay catches the ball, not the seahawks. but, confusion reins as one ref signals a touchdown and the other says no way. >> one guy says a touchdown, the other no. >> they double called it.
9:03 am
>> one guy went like this. >> it's like your dad saying yes and your mom going no. >> when the call was upheld on instant replay, the home crowd in seattle went wild. >> the call on the field stands, touchdown. >> twitter exploded with over 350,000 tweets in just a few minutes. many outraged fans took to you tube. >> you got to get rid of these replacement referees. they are a complete debacle. joe from wfan radio didn't hold back his opinion, either. >> it was a disgrace. clearly it was an interception by the packers. no doubt about it. >> keep in mind that the call was made by replacement refs. the real refs are on a lockout with the labor dispute with the nfl. >> we are learning that some of the replacement refs once worked with the linger ray football league, as if that background
9:04 am
wasn't enough, some were fired for incompetent officiating. none of these refs in this call are being linked to the lingerie league. but here is what we know about the head ref. he is wayne elliot from austin, texas and his real job is selling real estate. one wrote if you care for your life, don't come to green bay. he replied: deborah: for the record the nfl is upholding the refs decision that gave the seahawks the win. the white house says president obama was watching the game. he too thought there was a problem with the call. speaking of the president, he is coming under fire for his latest trip to new york city. it may coincide with the meeting of the general u.n. assembly but rather than spend time with world leaders he is spending time on the view. >> it's the presidential tv
9:05 am
appearance causing a firestorm. the president and first lady gave barbara walters a gift basket to mark her 83rd birthday and chatted and joked with the host of the view. >> we have white house m and m's and white house beer. >> what is the problem? well, critics say that instead of turning on the charm on the view, the president should have been meeting with world leaders gathered in new york for the united nations general assembly. >> the president is not taking any meetings. >> the president is being criticized with not meeting with any global leaders during the trip. >> more controversy around the u.n. meetings. >> shame on you, shame on you. >> protestors have taken over the sidewalk outside a hotel in midtown, manhattan where iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad is staying. he has his own private entrance and check out the security. iranian agents with united states secret service agents and the nypd.
9:06 am
it's like the scene in the movie the dictator when a foreign tyrant checks into a ritzy hotel. >> $20 a day for internet. they accuse me of being an international criminal. >> with all that security, get this, headquarters for the protestors is actually inside the hotel. in one of the same luxury rooms ahmadinejad is occupying. ahmadinejad caused uproar by giving this peace sign in the u.n. chamber amid fears that iran is on the verge of developing a nuclear bomb. ahmadinejad's controversial gesture at the united nations is making front page news. "the new york post" used the photo with the peace sign with the headline, peace of -- we can't somehow the last word they used. the new york daily news calls him vile. obama spoke at the u.n. and denounced iran's nuclear ambitions. >> that's why the united states will do what we must and keep
9:07 am
iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> mitt romney is in new york. he was introduced by former president clinton when he spoke at the clinton global initiative and joked about president clinton's powerful speech at the recent democratic convention. if there is one thing we learned in this election season by the way, it is that a few words from bill clinton can do a man a lot of good. in other news imagine leaving your home for a brief time locked and secured then coming home to find that someone else moved into your house and they claim it's theirs. good luck getting them out. jim moret with the story of a family's desperate struggle to evict squatters. >> it's a homeowners' nightmare. this family went out of town and came back to find a shock. squatters moved into their house. dana and troy donovan and their two daughters had to live in a relatives cramped basement for months because they couldn't move back in their own house. get this, they couldn't come within 100 yards of their home
9:08 am
because the squatters got a restraining order. >> we felt helpless. and angry. >> look what happened when i tried to get answers at the donovan's house. >> this is not your house, you know that? >> yeah. >> why are you still here? dana and troy told me the nightmare began after troy found temporary work out of state. they say they left their home of 12 years locked up tight. >> you didn't leave the house empty. >> no. we had possessions in the home, nonessential possessions. items outside of the home, patio set, play set for the children. >> when they came home months later they found the squatters in the house. >> i was floored. >> i was outraged. i couldn't believe it. i thought it has to be a mistake. >> dana and troy actually won an eviction order but one of the swatters then filed for bankruptcy. cops say they couldn't evict someone while it was pending.
9:09 am
>> law enforcement wouldn't step up to the plate. we didn't have the luxury to get an attorney. >> i went to the house to get the squatter's side of the story? can i ask you a couple of questions. are you moving out today? >> no. >> not moving today? this is not your house, you know that. >> yeah. >> why are you still here? >> they told me to get off their property. >> troy and dana donovan claim that you -- >> do you know them. >> i talked to them today. >> go talk to them again. >> i did. they have a court order that says they are allowed to move in. >> talk to them again. we have nothing to say to you. >> they wouldn't talk to me, the squatters reportedly believe they had legitimately bought the home for $5,000 from a real estate agent and had documents to back their claim on the house. >> set the record straight. i'm giving you the opportunity. it took nine excruciating months before the squatters were forced to leave. now dana and troy can say good- bye to the cramped quarters. dana gave me a message for anyone who thinks such a
9:10 am
nightmare can't happen to them. >> it can happen. deborah: in fact, since the housing crisis began, there are a rash of cases of squatting which do take a long time to resolve because of the sometimes murky ownership issues. the new season of "dancing with the stars" has begun and bristol palin is competing for the disco ball and mother sarah was in the front row center to cheer her own. >> bristol palin turns on the sexy in front of mama grizzly. on the debut of the all star version of dancing with the stars, bristol showed off her slimmed down bod and shape apply legs with sarah palin sitting in the front row. >> bristol is it really you? refreshed, revived, refurbished. >> sarah was there with husband todd and bristol's son tripp who didn't like the loud applause. she is up against pam anderson who did not one but two splits
9:11 am
showing she still has it in a fringe mini. it's hard to believe pam is 45 years old. >> pamela? you look like a girl that could go all the way. >> despite her sexy split, she got the low scores of the night. >> kirstie alley is back dancing again. she says she is happy to be back on the dance floor. >> i feel grateful. it makes me feel like i belong to a sororiety or something. >> we will check in with bristol palin's ex, levi johnston. next, sarah palin's arch enemy levi johnston. he is a daddy again. his girlfriend gives birth. your first look at the baby girl. is this the worst dad in america? backlash after a dad says he likes one son more than the other. >> he's the one that i relate to easier.
9:12 am
>> is it okay for parents to play favorites. >> plus, carol burnett is back. [noise]. >> "inside edition" in high definition will be right back.
9:13 am
while bristol palin is lacing up her dancing shoes, her baby daddy is back on diaper duty. jim moret introduces you to levi's baby girl who has been named after a gun. >> bristol palin's ex, levi johnston cuddles his new baby daughter. only "inside edition" has the first video of the five-day old baby named breeze beretta, yes, beretta, like the gun. >> it was the hardest thing i have ever done. it was awful but worth it when i saw her. >> we visited levi, his girlfriend sunny and their
9:14 am
bundle of joy across the lake from his arch enemy. he said an ill wind blows from the palin house. he said he and bristol, the mother of his boy tripp are still at each other's throat. >> we still hate each other. >> one is the bitter custody battle over tripp who is almost four years old. he was with his grabbed may, sarah palin at monday's taping of "dancing with the stars." >> the last time we were with you, you hadn't been able to talk to tripp. are you seeing him more now. >> i see him more than i did and i talk to him a lot more. it's rough but not ideal what i want to do but it's getting better. >> levi says bristol knows about the new baby. >> did she call you to congratulate you. >> she sent flowers and a card. levi says tripp knows he has a half sister. bristol said something different. >> he has no idea yet but i'm sure he will soon.
9:15 am
>> levi is done with the hollywood life-style he embraced after bursting on the scene after the 2008 convention. >> you couldn't pay me enough go back to that place. it just wasn't who i was. >> levi is working as an electrician. >> will he watch bristol on the dance floor? >> i don't care what she does. what she does doesn't concern us or my family. >> that family will become official when they marry, they say by the end of the year. he is spending his time focused on the new girl in his life. things are good, we are happy at night and we are a family. that's good. deborah: parents aren't supposed to have favorites. one dad blogged that he liked one more than the other and earned himself the label bad dad. >> is this man the worst dad in the world? that's what he is being called after he blogged that he likes one son more than the other. buzz bishop wrote that he prefers his 5-year-old son zachary over his other son 2-
9:16 am
year-old son charlie. my oldest son is my favorite. he can do more things. to me he is more fun. i just like him better adding sarcastically aren't i the worst dad in the world? >> he is the one i relate to easier. if that means he's my favorite, that's the language, i don't think that is too evil. >> he even posted this video of zachary, then 2, claiming it was the exact moment he bonded forever with the boy. the blog is causing an uproar. one mom is calling it cruel and horrendous. another writes this saddens me to know a child will grow up in the shadow of his older brother. >> the child not considered to be the preferential one may have to live with that for the rest of his life. dad always did like you best becomes the key signature to every failure that comes after that. parenting experts say having a favorite is one thing.
9:17 am
revealing it may condemn both boys to a lifetime of bitter sibling rivalry. >> they will want to know why their father felt like this. why would he tell the world about this? buzz is unrepentant. >> i'm honest when i write. i wrote about that and told the stories of my kids. >> father's day should be fun. we will be right back. still to come, carol burnett is back. >> [noise]. >> closed caption sponsorship for "inside edition" is brought to you by: >> stay tuned, there is more "inside edition" to come.
9:18 am
>> check out today's coupons. go to the inside deals section of our web site, click on coupons and save.
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9:20 am
she is without a doubt one of the funniest women to be on tv. carol burnett is back on tv relieving the laughs that had everyone laughing. >> a few notes and you know it's a scene from the carol burnett show. it ran for 11 seasons in the '60s and '70s. this was the skit that got the biggest laugh in the show's legendary history. >> the gown is gorgeous. >> thank you. i saw it in the window and i couldn't resist it. >> i think that's one of the funniest gags ever on television. >> we sat down with carol and her long time costars tim
9:21 am
conway and vicky lawrence. the deluxe box set dvd of their classic show has been released. >> hello? >> the skit carol and crew appeared in so many years ago still holds up today. >> these are coveralls. i had a little trouble getting into them, that's all. >> i can see why. like you are trying to stuff a whole pig in a cocktail weinie. >> tim conway still brings the character to life from time to time. >> especially when i'm being arrested. listen to me, i don't know how fast i was going but if you want to follow me -- >> for vicky lawrence, getting on the show when she was 17 years old was a dream. she wrote a fan letter asking for an audition and it worked. >> is that your beginning, the origin of vicky lawrence to the show. >> yeah. the letter made its way
9:22 am
somehow to carol's office. >> the show featured some of the biggest guest stars in the world. >> was it really as easy as saying would you mind doing a guest spot. >> it kind of was. >> the jackson 5 came on as musical guests and performed in a rather comedy skit with carol. just their luck an actual earthquake struck. >> very good. >> you can see the camera shake. look how nervous young michael jackson scenes. carol add libbed a line then went on with the show. >> no visiting, no visiting -- the earth just moved. >> then remember this? [noise]. >> the old gal has still got it. >> i'm not quite there. >> not bad. >> when we come back, a special birthday for a famous dog, next. >> closed caption sponsorship for "inside edition" is brought
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>> stay tuned, there is more "inside edition" to come.
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9:27 am
finally, he sold 126 million books. now clifford the dog celebrates
9:28 am
a milestone. >> happy birthday dear clifford -- >> happy birthday to clifford, the big red dog. >> the larger than life pup who entertains millions of kids through books and cartoons is turning 50. >> happy birthday, clifford. >> the book's publisher held a big birthday bash outside the new york headquarters. happy birthday, clifford. >> and we are very happy to see that big dog on tv. that's "inside edition" for today. thanks for watching. see you next time.
9:29 am
9:30 am
could arnold schwarzenegger's new memoir on his affair with his housekeeper backfire. >> what the former governor is saying about his relationship with maria shriver today. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. "the insider" is on. former politician arnold schwarzenegger and his bombshell revelation. >> now, we know what happened behind the scenes. >> new confessions about sex with the housekeeper. >> how his wife maria confronted him about his secret son. >> what does maria think about you writing the memoir and bringing this up. >> could it link him to other celebrity tell-all authors? good morning. welcome to "today." >> is matt lauer now taking a pay cut to save the "today" show?
9:31 am
>> the new claims. plus, a new health update on robin roberts and her bone marrow transplant. who claimed the show is exploiting her illness for ratings. plus, oprah in curlers and a nightgown. the story behind this look. ♪ why gaga is addressing her past bulimia and anorexia after going public about her weight gain. >> i gained, like, 25 pounds. i really don't feel bad about it. and is hollywood getting more comfortable with curves? >> amy. >> you call yourself fat amy? and "breaking amish" controversy. >> first day in new york. >> inside claims that the reality tv hit putting country people in new york for the first time is a fake. >> it may not be real. now, from hollywood, "the insider" on. we get to the bottom of the "breaking amish" controversy. welcome to "the insider." i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. thanks so much for spending some time with us. arnold schwarzenegger is not
9:32 am
holding back in a new book, revealing details about his affair and his love child, but could it all backfire? it's tonight's inside story. >> former politician, arnold schwarzenegger and his bombshell revelation. >> we all knew about this scandal. now, we know what happened behind the scenes. >> arnold schwarzenegger opens up to "60 minutes." >> in just-leaked excerpts from his new memoir, arnold schwarzenegger said that he was blindsided by wife maria shriver at a counselling session. he writes, i told the therapist it's true. the former governor reportedly goes on to detail that slept with her in 1996 in the family guest house while shriver and his children were on vacation. at the time, schwarzenegger was making the film "batman and robin."
9:33 am
>> i have seen enough blood. i know what's coming. >> schwarzenegger stars in the last stand out next year and simon and schuster released this trailer. out monday. >> i went from being the terminator to being the governor. >> but this story, you know. are you ready for the story you don't? on sunday, he sits down with lesley stahl of "60 minutes." >> what does maria think about you writing the memoir and bringing this up? >> i think maria is wishing me well. >> that leads us to our inside view, could around's memoir backfire? >> it's a humiliating memoir. probably most of all. >> author ann coulter has written nine books. she said that celebrity authors aren't usually hurt by their revelations. >> and i just turned to him and said you're so hot.
9:34 am
and he practically jumped in my arms. >> john's ex rielle hunter, faced a backlash initially after her memoir. >> were you a bad parent? >> it looks like it, doesn't it? >> maria is probably happy because she's sticking to him for all he's worth. >> he's hopeful that they'll reconcile. he writes -- you can call this denial, but it's the way it works. let's just move on to "star watch." matt's pay cut. new york. >> i'm matt lauer alongside savannah guthrie. >> "today" viewership falling. fueling rumors that matt lauer may be asked to take a pay cut from his reported $25 million contract. but nbc telling "the insider," quote, there's absolutely no truth to this.
9:35 am
now, news that msnbc's willie geist is being drafted to bring some of his humors to "today's" 9:00 a.m. hour. >> he's handsome, he's likable. he's a straight shooter. >> on how geist might help "today's" ratings. >> he just is what "today" needs right now. >> meanwhile are the morning ratings war prompting gossip. >> one article say exploiting robin roberts' illness. chicago sun-times tom shales writes -- practically become another character in the show's cast. >> think it's unfortunate that tom shales taking this kind of cut at "good morning america." robin wants to raise awareness about her disease, i really don't think that abc is exploiting her experience by any stretch of the imagination. >> how are her spirits? >> up. >> "good morning america's" josh elliott giving the latest to brooke. >> she feels the love.
9:36 am
alece and hilaria's wardrobe fiasco. >> congratulations. >> alec baldwin and wife hilaria's coordinating emmy outfit almost didn't happen, her outfit lost during delivery. at the emmys our debbie matenopoulos with the couple to celebrate what might be alec's last nomination as "30 rock's" network honcho. >> are you going to miss jack? >> i'm ready to do something else. >> while the emmy ratings were up 6% over last year, the show that beat the awards telecast was, of course, sunday night football. i'm a college football girl. but even i have gotten into the nfl after the drama that has resulted from the referee strike. >> and everybody's talking about the nfl today after a controversial call by the replacement referees, cost the
9:37 am
green bay packers a victory and sent fans of the nfl into a social media frenzy. >> yeah. >> who do they give it to? touchdown! >> seattle's last-second touchdown gave them the victory over green bay and the nfl a black eye. >> touchdown! >> get the referees back. >> the debacle that has become the referee lockout. >> that decision by the replacement referees becoming the controversial call around the twitterverse. with more than 6,000 tweets a minute directly following the game. rob lowe tackling the nfl directly, it's official, the nfl is now a joke. way to ruin a great brand, owners. even the white house weighing in -- nfl fans on both sides of the aisle hope the refs lookout will be settled soon. >> the replacement referees made the right call. he keeps tacks on the nfl drama
9:38 am
and defending the replacement refs. >> they have proided themselves on the go-to sport. >> he defending the replacement referees. >> the guys they're filling in for has years of experience. and it's tough to be thrown into it and get on the job training. they're doing the best under really difficult circumstances. >> but, will the controversy cause nfl fans to stop watching? it will earn approximately $3 billion a year for the next ten years with its tv contracts. webber says with or without refs, that won't change. >> ratings are being achieved worldwide. we haven't seen the replacement referees and what's going in terms of television viewership standpoint.
9:39 am
and how about this? the fans at kfan in minnesota, came up with a hilarious parody. uses carly rae jepsen's "call me maybe" and changed it to "call it maybe." >> pretty good stuff. i don't know if the packers would agree. how taylor swift is facing tough competition from music's biggest divas this year. plus, hollywood's big-screen newcomer showing off her curves and laughing all of the way to the bank. closed captioning provided by --
9:40 am
9:41 am
♪ taylor swift debut her single "begin again" on "good morning america" yesterday. is that song about anybody? >> she never kisses and tells. we may find out years later. her new album "red" hits stores october 22nd. >> they're releasing new music this fall. we're breaking down our favorite five ladies. ♪ >> if i'm allowed to do myself and i can put christina on. and i can use my pipes. >> at number five, christina aguilera is making music again with a new album "lotus" which drops in november.
9:42 am
j it's almost like i have taken it on as my personal responsibility to come out with an album that inspires the next generation. number four, mariah carey is feeling triumphant. the name of her latest single out next year. doing double duty as the newest judge on "american idol." billboard magazine editor joe levy on how she'll use the "american idol" stage as a platform for publicity. >> that's become part of promoting your new record. not just to perform your songs but actually being a judge on the show. ♪ this girl is on fire three goes alicia keys. after having a baby, she's back in the studio working on her upcoming album. "girl on fire." >> i feel so inspired on every level and being in the studio, i feel grounded.
9:43 am
i feel like i can have a great time and i feel like i'm back. at number two, pink, enjoying motherhood and on her way to becoming number one on the billboard charts this week for her new album "the truth about love." >> it's my take on them. ♪ number one, taylor swift's highly anticipated album "red" out october 22nd, is expected to lead the pack with its new record-breaking single. >> i have ard some of this new album, it's big. >> i love these previews, because nowadays we only listen to kiddie music. >> because we have toddlers. i think we know every fresh beat fan song by heart. >> my wife has no idea that i
9:44 am
shot this because i was sitting in the back of the mino van. i want to show you how the fraziers rock out when we're rolling with the kids in the minivan. ♪ no more monkeys jumping on the bed ♪ ♪ no more monkeys jumping on the bed ♪ >> she owned it. >> it's cool. all right, straight ahead -- lady gaga goes public after her weight gain admission as we reveal how female stars are becoming more comfortable with their claims. how tlc is fighting claims [ male announcer ] ever wonder what's behind two little fleas?
9:45 am
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got to be some kind of cook. of some kind. >> that is tlc's hit show "breaking amish," that bested "here comes honey boo boo." by the way, breaking amish dealing with its own issues right now. because there are questions whether the reality show has any reality in it. >> the show claims to plunk kids from amish country, puts them in the middle of manhattan for the very first time. tonight, we're inside new allegations that it could all be a fake. >> being amish, like we can't do nothing. >> this is jeremiah, one of the
9:49 am
young adults that "breaking amish" follows to new york. according to various reports, jeremiah allegedly has already seen the world, been married, had a child. all before the show began taping in may. >> first day in new york. holy [ bleep ]. >> the controversy surrounding "breaking amish," it may not be real. >> huffington post covering the controversy, on the risk of producing reality tv. >> you can interview people as much as you want, but they may not be telling the truth. >> other cast allegations include sabrina who had reportedly already left her mennonite community before production began. and two other cast members are pretending to be strangers when they allegedly have a baby. tlc releasing this statement -- there's a lot of information floating around about the group featured on breaking amish. much of it is not true, but some of it is.
9:50 am
>> so, we are going to times square. >> tlc telling "the insider" today, quote, the production company spent close to a year in these amish and mennontie communities researching. it's not the first show to come under trial for its reality. hgtv's house hunters became under scrutiny when one of the hunters said that many of her scenes were staged. he brought judges to tears on "america's got talent." >> i got hit by a grenade in afghanistan. >> later, reports surfaced that he made some of the war stories up. >> but this latest controversy could gain tlc viewers. >> tlc has been promising answers in later episodes, so, you know what, people may tune in to see what the controversy is all about. and to see what these answers are. >> there are just six episodes remaining of the show. it will be very interesting to
9:51 am
see how they play this controversy into each one. >> and explain it. they don't want viewers to think they have been deceived. so, they're working hard to turn it around. right now, lady gaga addressing her past eating disorder battle. as headlines continue to focus on her weight gain. is she part of a wave of famous women becoming more comfortable with their curves? mother monster, creating a fan frenzy in germany in this new video, gaga rocking an oversized white jacket with nothing underneath, flaunting her fuller figure. she wants to stop the obsession over weight, tweeting today to her 29 million followers to join a body revolution and this photo, quote, bulimia and anorexia since i was 15. you can see the 25-pound difference. she's candid about being curvier and making no apologies on elvis duran's radio show. >> you know, i really don't feel bad about it, not even for a second.
9:52 am
>> the average weight for a woman her size is between 110 and 140 pounds. she falls right in that range. gaga is urging women to stop the dieting. -- diet insanity. >> what is your name? >> fat amy. >> you call yourself fat amy? >> yes. >> another star making her curves work, wilson, the comedian, stars in "pitch perfect." playing fat amy. >> you brought a snack. >> um, well, i brought you my favorite chocolate from australia. >> that's nice. except you ate part of it. >> yeah, it just accidentally got opened. >> a bikini car wash is out of the question. >> for "pitch perfect," she reportedly wasn't allowed to lose weight, but she had dropped 20 pounds to feel healthier. as a jenny craig spokesperson. and "nightline" featuring why
9:53 am
losing isn't easy. a former contestant on the biggest loser says that she's a food addict. >> it's not all about willpower. there might be something wrong up here. >> food can be as addictive as cocaine, triggering the same type of brain high. >> you're secreting lot of that pleasure award called dophamine. it's giving you that fantastic feeling of wow, this is wonderful. >> she said that you can retrain your brain with the three ms, mind, mouth and muscle to win the weight battle. i want to turn now to oprah, who has been very forthcoming recently in pictures, take a look at this picture snapped yesterday of oprah in a nightgown and pink curlers as she's taking a meal break. authentic. >> i love it. still to come -- it's hard to believe that folks are out there destroying their new iphone 5s. we'll show you why.
9:54 am
>> we'll tell you why.
9:55 am
9:56 am
"the insider" is getting social, and we want to interact with you, as we interact with the stars. >> thanks you guys. >> good. that was good the way you did that. >> i am on "the insider." >> "the insider" on facebook. @the insider on twitter and is bringing your voice to hollywood. join us and become an "insider." movies, television and music. the latest news at your fingertips. the social media 360 is here. so let's get the conversation started.
9:57 am
travel consideration provided by -- all right, before we go, people all across the country waited in line for hours. >> camped out. >> i mean, they wanted that new iphone 5. some people paid as much as $600. here's the scary part, now, there are folks going online showing how they're destroying their iphone 5 and putting it on youtube. >> he did his own durability test. trying to slam dunk iphone 5. now, some of are just trying to get viewers and advertisers, others are actually produced by companies that sell productive case covers.
9:58 am
or insurance plans. >> or some are just crazy. why would you do that? we're giving one lucky viewer some technology. we hope you don't destroy it. >> it's not an iphone 5. but it is -- >> a blu-ray player. "the tall man." four runner-ups will take home the film. i want to win. >> go to for your chance to win. click on "the tall man" button. i think you're ineligible. check out more on our facebook page. take care, everybody. good night.
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wayne: whoo! jonathan: a diamond ring! (screams) (laughing) wayne: go big or go home. (howling) you won a car! (screams) this is a very happy man. - i got the big deal? (singing) jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal"! now here's tv's big dealer, wayne brady! (cheering) wayne: welcome to "let's make a deal", i'm wayne brady, and i want to know, who wants to make a deal? (cheering) kindergarten teacher, come on over here, come to me. come to me. here we go, come here, my dear.
10:01 am
watch your step, watch your step. hey there. nice to meet you. nice to meet you, edna. - elizabeth. wayne: why does your name tag say edna? - that's my first name, but i go by my middle name. wayne: okay, well whatever you go by, that's what i'm calling you, elizabeth. welcome to the show. you teach kindergarten in sugar land, texas. - yes, i flew here yesterday to visit my niece. my sister is here in the audience, too. wayne: look at that! well, hi, how you doing? that's just so sweet. - i'm so excited! wayne: so i'm going to give you something, and his name is jonathan mangum. so here's a jar, what's inside that jar? - lots of money. wayne: money. (cheering) now, we see dollar bills, we see dollar bills. so a lot of dollar bills, that's nice. but that's just on the outside. could be more inside. inside in the middle of those dollar bills, right? - yes. wayne: so you can have this jar, or i can give you curtain number one where tiffany coyne is standing.
10:02 am
so what do you think? - i like the money. wayne: you like the money? but you know that could be sothing really great. so you're going to go with the money? she's going to go with the money. what does she pass up, tiffany? jonathan: you could have won a new fiat! (cheering) this 2012 fiat 500 pop features a 16-valve engine with variable timing and electronic throttle control. this deal was worth $16,200. (cheering) - it's okay, at least i got chosen. so i'm having fun. wayne: yes, you did get chosen and you have such a good attitude about it. of course you're a kindergarten teacher, i love that. so this money is still yours. you're certain you're keeping this money, right? because you passed up on a car for it. - well, yes. wayne: what if i offered you curtain number two and a clue? and a clue-- the clue is it moves. so now you gotta ask yourself,
10:03 am
what's behind curtain number two that would move? would there be another car there? would there be two cars in a row? or if there were, one could be a zonk. it could be a bicycle, could be a segway, could be a wheel. - the money. wayne: you're going to keep the money. she's sticking with that cash, jonathan. jonathan: cash is nice. wayne: what's behind the curtain? jonathan: you could have won a new scion iq! (cheering) this 2012 scion iq features a continuously variable transmission and integrated bluetooth technology for hands-free calling. this deal was worth $15,995. wayne: now, miss elizabeth, not to rub it in, but the first car was worth over $16,000. - yes, sir.
10:04 am
wayne: the second car, over $15,000. do you honestly believe that there's $15,000 in here? - no, sir. wayne: no. there could be, mind you. there could be. but you've passed up on two cars now. - yes. wayne: you must believe there's a lot of money inside this bottle tucked underneath the blanket of ones. - well, it might be hidden. wayne: sorry? - it might be hidden. wayne: there's no might be, it is hidden, because you can't see it. you should teach the kids that, if you can't see it, it's hidden. (laughing) i'm going to make another deal with you. keep this money that you have passed up on a $15,000 car and a $16,000 car for curtain number three. it has wheels. but that being said, a skateboard has wheels. would we really put three cars in a row? and if the third car is there, it could be a zonk.
10:05 am
we've have cars made of grass before. so, that being said, there's something behind that curtain with wheels. or keep the money that you passed up on two cars for, because this could be a lot of cash. (crowd shouting) - the curtain. wayne: so you're going to give up the money now? - the curtain. wayne: she's going with the curtain, which means... (cheering) so you want to tell us how much money is in there? jonathan: i'll just unscrew it. wayne: let me get that for you, jonathan. jonathan: i got it, i got it. wayne: you sure? i'll get it for you. how much? jonathan: $2,000. (cheering) wayne: so, for $2,000 you passed up on a $16,000 car and a $15,000 car. and now we're going to open up this curtain for something that could potentially be a zonk.
10:06 am
- i'll still be happy. (cheering) wayne: come here, you. - i'm just glad i got chosen! wayne: so if i come to sugar land, texas, can i stop by your school and say hi to the kids? - yes, mrs. brown is my principal and i teach at drabek elementary. wayne: well, hey to all the kids there. (laughing) let's open the curtain... - my son made the sign so i would get on the show. wayne: what's your son's name? - justin. wayne: hey, justin foster. - and catherine, my daughter. wayne: catherine. - and joshua and jonathan, and aster and ann and dylan are my grandchildren. (applause) and my husband is john. (laughing) wayne: is that everybody? - oh, no, i have many more, but i'll quit. wayne: okay, because there's no way that they're all going to fit in this. jonathan: it's a lemon car!
10:07 am
- oh, well. i had fun. wayne: you know what? (car honks) i'm giving you that. the jar's got 50 bucks, this was the 2,000. ladies and gentlemen, give her a big round of applause. you know i would never let you leave empty handed, i love teachers. folks, more "let's make a deal" coming up-- prizes, cash, teachers! thanks for tuning in, we'll see you in a little bit. - thank you so much. i want healthy skin for life. [ female announcer ] don't just moisturize, improve the health of your skin with aveeno daily moisturizing lotion. the natural oatmeal formula goes beyond 24-hour moisture. it's clinically proven to improve your skin's health in one day, with significant improvement in 2 weeks. for healthy, beautiful skin that lasts. i found a moisturizer for life. [ female announcer ] aveeno daily moisturizing lotion.
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wayne: welcome back to "let's make a deal." so we had our teacher, she didn't get the car. i don't like to start things off like that, i like to start off with love. and speaking of love, i need a couple to make a deal with right now. the flower, the flower, and the farmer. flower and farmer, come here, flower and farmer. (cheering) come on, farmer. (singing gibberish) hello, how are you doing, sir? how are you, man? all right, derrik and... - season. wayne: nice to meet you, season. you need $15,000. (cheering) and here's how you're going to win it, a little game we call time is money. right there on the stage where the beautiful tiffany coyne is standing we have 15 clocks. each clock has a hidden number of seconds on it ranging from zero to 15. we're going to start your bank at $15,000. right now you have $15,000. you'll choose four clocks. for every second that ticks away, you will lose $1,000. whatever money is left at the end, you win.
10:11 am
if you pick the four clocks that have zero on it, you walk away with $15,000. easy peasy. pick four clocks. - seven. wayne: seven. - nine. wayne: nine. - two. wayne: two. - 14. wayne: 14. all right, here we go. so seven, nine, two, 14. so let's take a look at what's under clock number two. ready? start the countdown. (clock ticking) one, two, three. (clock stops) three seconds gone. you have $12,000. three clocks remaining. you're hoping that those clocks have zeros on them. let's take a look at clock number nine. $12,000. start the countdown. count it down with me, go! (clock ticking) (clock stops) you hit a zero! okay, you still have $12,000. now here's the thing. you have $12,000, but you have two clocks left.
10:12 am
it's very possible that those clocks could run down most of that money, you could leave here with nothing. so what if i offer you a sure thing? i'm going to offer you this small box that mr. mangum is bringing out. what's in the box, mr. mangum? jonathan: take a look. wayne: a trip to napa valley. (cheering) - yeah, wanna do napa? jonathan: you could spend five tranquil nights at the river terrace inn napa valley, set against the picturesque rolling napa river and lush california countryside. by day, you'll explore wine country's radiant vineyards and experience a foodie's dream with a dinner for two at restaurant cuvee. plus we're treating you to tickets for the charming napa valley wine train. roundtrip airfare is included in this deal worth $3,950. (cheering) wayne: so you guys can take a romantic getaway to napa valley. when was the last time you got a chance to get away? you could take that right now. how much is that trip worth, jonathan? jonathan: $3,950. wayne: so what's it going to be, go with the sure thing or tempt fate and stick with your two clocks?
10:13 am
- we're going to take the trip. - the trip. wayne: they're taking the sure thing. they're taking the sure thing. (cheering) but you know, it's very possible that you might have picked all zeros. let's take a look, just for fun, let's play it out. clock seven. start the countdown, count it with me. (clock ticking) one, two. (clock stops) $10,000. clock number 14. start the countdown. (clock ticking) (clock stops) you would have left with $10,000 in cash. but on the flip side, you got a great trip. let's see where the zeros were, tiffany, show us where the zeros were hidden, the remaining zeros. on the 5 and 11. you guys played so well, derrik, thank so you much, i appreciate you. season, nice to meet you. more "let's make a deal" right after this.
10:14 am
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can dodge a question. honey, how'd that test go? [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you've got snack-defying, satisfying totino's pizza rolls. mmmm. mmm hmmm. mmmm. [ female announcer ] it's on. let's roll. [ female announcer ] it's on. "athelloon!" (we hear off-camera "shhhh") i'm sofia vergara, and i say never judge a book by its cover. look at her. now look again. i see a juicy mystery you can't put down. check this out. no, look harder. i bet those books won't be overdue. i could do this all day, but i have to get some reading done. what? i like to do my reading in bed!! smart is sexy. my collection is at kmart. now go. ause) wayne: welcome back! so today's big deal of the day is worth $25,103. that's a great deal, right? so far derrik and season have the trip to napa valley, $3,950 worth of trip.
10:17 am
they get some family time. they're in the lead so far to give up the trip, if they so choose to, to have a crack at the big deal of the day. but we've got a lot of show left. who wants to make a deal? (cheering) bumblebee, bumblebee, bumblebee. bzz, come on, bumblebee. come on, bumblebee. hello, you are? - leslie. wayne: nice to meet you, leslie, come on over here, bumblebee. - whoo! wayne: so what do you do, leslie? - i'm a dancer, and i'm at chaffey college. wayne: you're a dancer at the college? - yeah, i'm like a cheerleader dancer kind of thing. wayne: so what if we put on some music, can you show us what you do? - yeah. wayne: all right, cat. cat gray. (music starts) (cheering) wayne: oh, like that, okay.
10:18 am
it's kind of like glee but with hot pants on, that's cool. so, this is jonathan mangum. jonathan also was a dancer and cheerleader at his school. cat? (music starts) jonathan: that was my only move. that's all i got. wayne: so that small box is yours. jonathan: ow. (laughing) wayne: you may want it, or you may want to give it back. to help you decide what's in that box, jonathan has a picture because he's been taking a lot of photos lately. so what does this look like to you? - lights. wayne: keep in mind it's an extreme close-up. - i don't know, i don't know, it could be lights, it could be like, this could be like the front of the car. wayne: right, it could be the front of the red car, right. so what if i offered you $500 for that box? (cheering) - i'll just take the box.
10:19 am
wayne: $1,000. - oh, my gosh. (crowd shouting) money? box? wayne: whatever is in there could be worth a lot more than $1,000, - i know. wayne: maybe. and stuff. - okay, i'll take the box. wayne: you'll take the box. you're passing up on $1,000 for what's in the box. jonathan, what's in the box? jonathan: it's a beverly hills makeover! you'll enjoy a day of beauty as a chauffeured limousine takes to you the famous valerie beverly hills salon, plus we're including this new ipad with digital beauty book so you can apply this new makeup collection like a pro. this deal is worth $2,289. wayne: it's a close-up of the makeup stuff, yeah. - that's awesome. wayne: so congratulations to you. thank so you much, leslie. keep on dancing, bumblebee. (music playing) you know what? jonathan: what? wayne: let's make another deal.
10:20 am
(cheering) let's get the cactus. come here, cactus. cactus! how you doing, cactus? - how are you doing, wayne? wayne: i'm doing well. jonathan, meet jonathan. jonathan: what up, cac? - good name, good name. wayne: so we're going to give you that big box, that big box on stage is yours. - that big box? wayne: do you want a clue as to what's in the big box? - can you please give me a clue? wayne: i would love to give you a clue. in fact, we're going to improvise a poem because jonathan and i, we make stuff up from time to time. so cat's going to help us out, so listen to whatever we improvise for you, and that's going to be a clue as to what's in the box. cat, just set the mood and we'll go with you. (slow music starts) oh, that's like a flow. jonathan: def jam poetry. all right. wayne: i'll follow, i'll back you up.
10:21 am
jonathan: well, you're a cactus, that's what people said, look at that boy with the helmet on his head. that is right, you can feel me, because i think you're popping a wheelie. wayne: yeah! okay, so what does that sound like to you? - sounds like a motorcycle. wayne: it could be a motorcycle, it could be a zonk motorcycle. - it could be. wayne: how about i offer you... let's say $1,000 to not take what's in that box? (crowd shouting) - oh... i'll go with the box. wayne: he's going to go with the box. how about $2,000? (crowd shouting) - i want the box. wayne: $2,500, instead of whatever may be back there, which could be worth more than $2,500. - yeah, i'll take the money. wayne: he's taking the money. what's in the box?
10:22 am
jonathan: you could have won a new motorcycle! (crowd groaning) this yamaha v-star custom cruiser sports a chrome v-twin engine, extra long chassis and low touring seat, plus we were including this helmet with a flip-up face shield, making this deal worth $7,344. wayne: so good news is you got the cash, bad news is you missed out on the motorcycle. thank you so much for being here with us, jonathan. if you want to be a winner just like my man jonathan here, you've got to go to, get your tickets, join us here at a taping of "let's make a deal," or call this number:
10:23 am
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get your free sample at wayne: welcome back to "let's make a deal."
10:27 am
three people, let's go! (cheering) disco lady, disco lady, stand right there for me, disco lady. let's see... pirate girl, pirate girl. and hippie dude, hippie dude. hey, michelle. nice to meet you. and you are todrianna? - yeah, you said it right! wayne: and walter, nice to meet the three of you, welcome to the show. this deal is called follow the leader. you guys are going to be friends right now, so you guys are friends, we're going to play a little game. follow the leader-- one person is going to be the leader; whatever the leader decides, everyone gets. whatever the leader says goes, that's it-- no ifs, ands or buts, got it? all three: got it. wayne: good, because you are the leader first, michelle. so i've got a check for you in my pocket, the amount is hidden. you folks at home see that? could be a lot of money, could be a little bit of money. anything could be behind curtain number three, which is what i'm going to offer you. either the curtain or this check, whatever you choose, everyone will get.
10:28 am
- okay. the curtain. wayne: the curtain. (cheering) - oh gosh. wayne: $1,235. could you have used that money, todrianna? - yes, i could. wayne: well, too bad! - it's okay, it's okay. wayne: so you were a good leader, but now, todrianna, you are the leader, it's all on you. the pressure is now on your back. keep what you have, which is the curtain, could be great, could be a car, could be a zonk, or go with curtain number two, and there is a clue. the clue is fly. it could be a trip, or it could literally be a fly. - a fly? wayne: because that's what we do. whatever she decides, you all get. - okay. i'll go with number three. wayne: curtain number two, what did you not take? jonathan: you could have won a trip to bermuda! wayne: the three of you could have gone to bermuda separately. jonathan: this four-night holiday at the rosedon hotel
10:29 am
included a delicious welcome gift: a picnic lunch on the pink sand beach and an enchanting gourmet dinner. daily breakfast and roundtrip airfare were included in this deal worth $5,772. wayne: have you ever been to bermuda? - no, i haven't. wayne: i know, and you're not going now. so curtain number three. curtain number three. you both have passed up... you passed up on the trip because you believed in curtain three. you passed up on cash, because you believed in three. now the onus of leadership is on your back, walter, it's you. do you keep what you have, which you passed up on a lot for already, a great trip worth over $5,000, right, jonathan? jonathan: it was worth over $5,000. wayne: so keep what you have or go for the big box. the clue for the big box is digital. digital. what does that mean? digital. it's all on you, walter. - three! three. three. wayne: he's a man of conviction.
10:30 am
now, walter... - i trust you. wayne: but you're the leader, so why do you trust her? - because my wife said take three. wayne: wow. so you trust her because your wife said take the... man! - you know how it is, brother. wayne: digital is not yours. what's the big box? jonathan: you could have won a digital camera package! wayne: ah. - it's okay! jonathan: this 10-megapixel digital slr camera includes an interchangeable lens, plus we were throwing in photography classes, camera gear bag, and this professional-grade tripod. this deal was worth $2,497. wayne: okay, so, so far, and jonathan, correct me if i'm wrong, they've passed up on cash, you've passed up on a trip to bermuda, you passed up on the digital package, which included the camera, the professional tripod and the photography classes, and now it boils down to individual decisions.
10:31 am
no more leaders, don't think about whatever the other person is going to do, you're all in it for yourselves. we're going to start back over with michelle. michelle, keep what you have, which is curtain number three. you've held onto it for all this time. hold on to curtain number three or go with the small box, and the clue is gourmet. could be gourmet... - cooking classes. wayne: could be gourmet cooking classes. or it could be gourmet dog food. - that's true. wayne: so, what are you going to do? - take the curtain. wayne: she's sticking with the curtain. todrianna, same decision. - curtain. wayne: sticking with the curtain. walter, or rather, where is your wife? - she's right over there. wayne: let me just go right to the source, because it doesn't make any sense to ask you. hello, what's your name? - felicia. wayne: nice to meet you, miss felicia. so what should walter do? - he should go with the curtain. wayne: yes, ma'am. i always confirm with the boss.
10:32 am
but now i need you to confirm that, so what are you going to do? - number three. wayne: he's going with number three. that means he keeps his job as husband. okay, let's go. what did they all pass on? jonathan: you could have won a pair of cheeseburger shoes! wayne: that's a zonk, then this must be something good. curtain three. jonathan: it's a new bedroom! (cheering) this elegant collection includes a queen-sized bed with a pecan finish and matching nightstand from wayfair, plus we're including this 46-inch 3-d hdtv and a pair of viewing glasses. this deal is worth $4,184. wayne: congratulations to you, nice job, y'all, i'm so happy for you. and that doesn't smell so bad, not bad. folks, more "let's make a deal" coming up right after this.
10:33 am
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than the day i married her. with the expert highlights and lowlights of nice 'n easy, all they see is you. and lowlights of nice 'n easy, (cheers and applause) wayne: welcome back to "let's make a deal." the big deal of the day is right around the corner. before we get there, let's play a little dice duel. two people, let's go. let's see... (cheering) i'm going to go with the ice cream man.
10:37 am
and the female referee. how are you doing, jordan? - good, how are you? wayne: stand right there for me. and where is she? oh! hey! hey! - hi! you're so cute. wayne: thank you very much. and you are? - sheila. wayne: nice to meet you, sheila. this is jordan, jordan, this is sheila. - hi, jordan, nice to meet you! wayne: you're going to play a little game called dice duel. in dice duel, we have over $15,000 up for grabs. on that stage right there where tiffany coyne is standing we have little cards. behind each of those cards there's cash. when you roll a number, you get the cash behind that number. but if you roll a number that's already been rolled, you lose all your money and the other person wins the game. that's why it's called dice duel. to help you out, i'm giving each one of you a free roll card. you see that at home? if you roll a bad number, you can use this card to immediately roll again and stay in the game.
10:38 am
to see who goes first, you're each going to roll one die. whoever has the highest number, then you go first. so i picked you first, jordan, so you roll to roll, roll to roll. a three. okay. jordan rolled a three. go ahead. she rolled a six. you've got first go. mr. mangum, may i please have that? all right, here we go. roll them up, madam, roll the dice. she's blowing on it for good luck. first number out of the box is three. how much cash is behind three? $2,500. look at you! right from the get-go. jordan, you cannot roll a three, jordan. all right, jordan, six. $700.
10:39 am
sheila, you may not roll a three or a six. an eight! (cheering) $600. that brings your total so far to $3,100. you've got $700, you cannot roll an eight, three or six. he rolled a seven. thank you, sir. $400. you got $1,100 right now. sheila, you've got some cash on you, $3,100. you can't roll a three, eight, six or seven. go. a nine, nice job. $1,200. jordan, sheila is killing you right now. - i know! wayne: she has $4,300.
10:40 am
- big money right here, right here. wayne: you have $1,100. you may not roll an eight, a nine, a six, a seven or a three. are you ready? - i can do that. wayne: you feel good? - yeah, i feel good. wayne: you're unflappable. oh! jordan, it's a good thing you have that card, right? thank you. all right. so now you're going to roll again. an eight, a nine, three, six or a seven, jordan. if you roll any of those numbers, that's it, you're done. - okay. wayne: ice cream man, ice cream man, ice cream man! a five! (cheering) you get $2,200. okay. you have to roll a two, a four, a ten, 11 or 12.
10:41 am
ready, sheila? - yes. wayne: oh, sheila. seven. okay. give me your free roll card. (cheering) you have $4,300. you've got to stay in the game. two, four, ten, 11, 12. if you roll a bad roll, then you're out of the game. all that money goes bye-bye. roll it! oh, sheila! sheila, you're out of the game, you rolled a five. thank you so much for playing, sweetheart. - thank you. wayne: give her a big round of applause, thank you, sweetheart. bad news for her, good news for jordan. (cheering) you've got $2,200. - i'm speechless. i'm poor! (laughing)
10:42 am
wayne: so what are you going to do with $2,200? - i don't even... i don't know. buy ice cream for the whole audience. (cheering) wayne: wow, that's frugal. so you could keep the $2,200 right now, or i've got an investment opportunity for you. - okay. wayne: give it back to me and i'll give you curtain number one. (cheering) - i'm going to take the money. wayne: he's taking the money, he's passing up on this. tiffany coyne? jonathan: you could have won a new kia rio! wayne: oh, no! (crowd groaning) jonathan: this 2013 rio lx features an inline four-cylinder engine, automatic transmission and a four-speaker satellite radio system. this deal was worth $15,450. wayne: the bad news is you don't get the car, the good news is you've got cash, my friend.
10:43 am
and we're going to get some ice cream! more "let's make a deal" coming up. big deal of the day right around the corner. don't you go nowhere.
10:44 am
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10:47 am
before we do that, i need one more person to make a deal with me. one more person. (cheering) traci, the graduate. traci, come here, traci. hey, traci. how are you, madam? - fine, and you? wayne: i'm doing well. in fact, i'll be doing great if i can give you something. - me too. wayne: what if i gave you your choice? well, i've got curtain two, where tiffany is standing, and jonathan is going to bring in a small box. one or both has a deal worth over $3,400. so you can choose curtain two, the small box, or why don't i just give you $800? (crowd shouting) curtain, box, cash. - curtain, box, cash. curtain, box, cash. curtain, box...
10:48 am
box. wayne: let's see what she passed on. what's behind the curtain? (nervous groan) jonathan: you could have won your own popcorn living room! (cheering) tiffany: comfortable and delicious. wayne: mmm... tiffany: good stuff. (cheering) wayne: so, you chose the box. this means this deal is worth over $3,400. what's in the box? jonathan: a diamond necklace! it's a sapphire and diamond necklace. this stunning pendant and white gold chain from mon cheri diamonds features three dazzling sapphire stones surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds. this jewelry is worth $1,455. and with the $2,000 in cash, this entire deal is worth $3,455.
10:49 am
wayne: congratulations, traci. - thank you. wayne: miss traci is leaving here with a big deal worth over $3,400. i like that. it's been a great show so far. jonathan: let's make it better. wayne: we've had cars and popcorn. jonathan: butter. wayne: the only thing missing is the big deal of the day. (cheering) today's big deal is worth $25,103. we have michelle, who won the bed set and the 3-d tv worth over $4,000 to-- be exact $4,184. we're going to ask her right now to see if she's going to give that up for a shot at the big deal. where is she? stand up, michelle. are you going to keep that tv or are you going to go for the big deal worth $25,103? - big deal. wayne: she's going for the big deal. when we come back, she's going to try to choose the right door. let's see what happens right after this.
10:50 am
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10:52 am
(cheers and applause) wayne: welcome back to "let's make a deal."
10:53 am
big deal of the day, $25,103. michelle gave up the bed set, 3-d tv, $4,184. this has been a big show. we've had cars, people passed on cars. - all of them. wayne: $10,000, gone. you, bedroom set, "i don't need to sleep." (laughing) here we are. all you have to do is pick the right door. door one, door two, or door three. pick your door. - door... (crowd shouting) ...three. wayne: door three. let's take a look at door two. miss tiffany coyne, what's behind door two? tiffany: let's take a look. (drumroll) jonathan: you could have won a new home office! - that's nice. (cheering) jonathan: this workspace featured a leather chair and trestle style desk, plus we were including this ultrabook laptop, mobile printer and digital tablet. this deal was worth $2,647.
10:54 am
wayne: that's good, that's good, because that's not you. you picked three. let's take a look what's behind three. - oh gosh... (drumroll) jonathan: it's new kitchen appliances! wayne: happy birthday. (cheering) jonathan: spice up your kitchen with this stainless steel range featuring double ovens, energy efficient refrigerator, and compact dishwasher with nine wash cycles. plus you'll bring home the fiesta with this margarita machine, guacamole grinding stone, tortilla press and more. this deal is worth $5,183. wayne: it's worth more than the bedroom set, and you can make 'em cake and margaritas. up top. so we have to look behind door number one, that's where the big deal is. tiffany? (drumroll) jonathan: you could have won a new toyota prius! this 2012 toyota prius uses an efficient hybrid synergy drive to get up to 50 miles per gallon, and it features integrated bluetooth technology
10:55 am
for hands-free calling. this big deal was worth $25,103. wayne: four cars in one show, everybody! congratulations to you, sweetheart. thank so you much. quickie deals coming up next. and i'm here to tell homeowners that are 62 and older about a great way to live a better retirement. it's called a reverse mortgage. [ male announcer ] call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet with no obligation. it answers questions like how a reverse mortgage works, how much you qualify for, the ways to receive your money, and more. plus, when you call now, you'll get this magnifier with l.e.d. light absolutely free. when you call the experts at one reverse mortgage today, you'll learn the benefits of a government-insured reverse mortgage. it will eliminate your monthly mortgage payments and give you tax-free cash from the equity in your home.
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because hunger is a big problem if you can show me an aspirin. do you have an aspirin? - i don't. i don't think i have an aspirin. i'm so... aw! tiffany: i'm sorry. wayne: what's your name? - sheila. wayne: nice to meet you, miss sheila. sheila, for $500, do you have a red checker? - no. wayne: oh, miss sheila, do you follow us on twitter? - no. wayne: if you follow us on twitter, @letsmakedealcbs, you would have known that we were going to ask for a red checker. - i have a broken star. wayne: you have a broken star, i know, and a broken heart. thank you, sweetheart.
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